At Majestic Caravans, we understand that the finance for your new van is as important as the purchase itself. At Majestic Caravans we have teamed up with experts from NLF (National Leisure Fiunance) and Buddii Finance to assist you in obtaining the best and most suitable finance package for your circumstances. Please disscuss this with any of our sale team members and they can assist you to get an approval before you even decide on the van you want.


Both NLF and Buddii are dedicated to getting you that loan to live the dream now. What makes them unique is their easy, efficient and professional process. Here’s why you can trust them to get you that loan…

Choosing NLF or Buddii we can guarantee you they are financial providers that tailors everything to suit you. To us and NLF and Buddii you are not just another number, you are someone we want to help reach their goals. Our friendly staff and financial teams are on hand to help you from start to finish. Whether you want assistance in the application process, or need guidance during the approval process, we all have always got your back!


Both NLF and Buddii are accredited with Australia’s best financial institutions. Rather than requiring you to search through and compare rates, they do the hard work for you. Our professional financial consultants will liaise with a variety of lenders and negotiate with them to find the best rates for you and most importantly your financial situation.


This is a simply process as our quick and easy quote form means that you can apply anytime and anywhere for you Majestic Caravan or we can organise a pre approval for you so you know exactly what budget you have in purchacing one of our new Majestic or used caravans. Time is precious, so don’t waste it worrying about loans or visiting banks!


No matter where you are throughout Australia wide we can assist you.


Getting a loan from a bank can take weeks or months of waiting. We know that you don’t have time for that and we pride ourselves on delivering loans as fast as possible and will work hard on getting your caravan loan from the moment you apply.